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A good profile picture plays a role here, as does the question of the extent to which you would like to reveal something about yourself in a personal profile text or not. “Our experience shows us that many singles often think that a simple registration and premium membership will do it. Most people only notice that there is a lot of work and energy behind a really good profile when they are already in the middle of the adventure of online partner search, ”the spokeswoman for Singleboersen Comparison knows.

As the saying goes: Wherever there is planing, chips fall. And wherever money can be made, fraudsters try their luck too. Unfortunately, the online dating market is no exception. In the past few years, stories and scandals about fake profiles have made the rounds on such platforms. If you deal with the question of fake profiles on partner exchanges, you have to distinguish between two things from the outset, as Alexandra Langbein explains:

If the former is the case, the websites must indicate this accordingly in their terms and conditions. As the press spokeswoman further explains, single exchanges with a “moderated service” could then include the following:

“At the single exchange xyz there are moderators. The activity of the moderators serves to increase the activities on the site and thus also the operator’s sales. The moderators, who are employed by the operator, create fake profiles and pretend to be a fictional person. The fake profiles contain fictitious personal data and contact details. All statements of the fake profiles are inventions of the moderators. From the fact that contact details are given for a profile, it cannot be inferred that a really existing person is hidden behind the profile. “

Such a paragraph can be found, for example, in the terms and conditions of the platform: “The company expressly points out that SINGLE-CHAT.NET is a moderated service. This moderation service includes the use of controllers who can conduct dialogues throughout the chat under multiple identities and thus participate in the messaging system under anonymous bogus accounts and are active within the entire community with various actions, messages and functions under previously created profiles. The fictitious profiles include personal, individually characterful data that the moderators come up with … “. The operator also uses such tricks on the dating portal “ is a moderated service. The moderation serves to increase the activities via the portal and thus the operator’s sales. For this purpose, moderators who are employed by the operator create a large number of profiles of fictitious people and pretend to be this fictional person.

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