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Fed up with Tinder but feeling spring in your stomach? Then maybe a dating app for haters, beard lovers or vegans is recommended.

The sun is shining, it is getting warmer again and the hormones are dancing the samba: spring is coming. If you want to look for new partners with the help of technology, you probably think first of Tinder. Despite the supremacy of the app that made wiping out love candidates popular, there are plenty of dating apps out there as an alternative.

There is certainly no lack of choice. If normal dating apps are too boring for you, you can venture onto more specialized platforms. In the past few years, some vendors have focused on interest-based solutions. Some platforms come around the corner with completely bizarre ideas.

Connect feelings. And feelings are also very important to haters. Only that the sheer hatred is in the foreground. The special dating app aims to bring people together based on their dislikes. As with Tinder and the like, swipe left or right to scroll through the dating catalog. Instead of pictures, we get a selection from several thousand topics to vote on.

Food, well-known personalities, habits and activities can be found on the list. Anyone who hates Kim Jong Un or people who say “I love you” may find like-minded dating partners here. If you have swiped through the various topics long enough, you might find your kindred hater in the end. Or lover, depending on the definition.

The dating app from the Austrian company Talk4Date does without text messages when looking for a partner. Instead, users of the app get to know each other via voice. Whispar delivers five new suggestions every day. The audio profiles can be monitored and evaluated directly. Listening to each profile takes just under 30 seconds. Only then does a picture appear.

Using the usual swipe principle, a decision can then be made on how to proceed. If the other person’s voice is liked, contact can be made directly via voice messages after matching. Whispar also offers phone calls directly via the app if voice messages are no longer sufficient for entertainment. This has the advantage of not having to exchange numbers and still being able to chat with others.

Fuck, Mary, Kill, FMK for short, is a special app in every respect. Designed as a game and a place to get to know each other, the title alone may be daunting for some. The concept behind this is relatively simple. Three people are offered to choose from, each must be assigned to a category. If two people fit into the same category, it is a match.

There is only no matching in the kill category.

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