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Hwerks is a popular niche dating site which focuses to provide the community for people with Herpes and HPV. Rather than encouraging the members to look for specific relationship, this site claims to be a site support for people with Herpes and HPV. So it is not merely a dating site. It is a resourceful site for education as well as support which is wrapped in social networking presentation. So when becoming the member of the site, you will become the part of the community and make a great bound with people in it. Instead of contacting via online means of communication, you can just meet the other members from this site. Hwerks is purposely tailored to gather same-minded and same-experienced people in one place.

Creating an account

Being an official member of this community is not as simple as registering to free dating website. First things first, you should purchase the one-time payment membership of $30. The good thing here is that it is for life. This one-time payment is conducted in order to filter the folks who want to join the community. The creators of the site claim that they want to avoid any scammers or fraudsters to join their site for free.  The site does not offer free membership or trial. So only serious people can join the site.

Key features

Hwerks basically offers social networking features like:

  1. Online text chat
  2. Video chat
  3. Profiles
  4. Supporting forums
  5. Blogs
  6. Mobile version availability
  7. Photo albums

Hwerks has such solid system in supporting  individuals who want to deal with the herpes or HPV and need someone to talk to. The system lets you find same-minded people who will become your friends. Members can leave you the feedback and contact you too.

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Membership options

Hwerks is not a free site. It does not offer trial or free membership. So you need to purchase the membership package. As visitor, you are not able to access any features the site offer. But no worries, with only $30, you can enjoy all the features as paid membership. It is a lifetime membership. So you will need to pay it once and enjoy the lifetime membership right away.

Means of communication

There are 3 types of mean of communication in this site:


Just like other forums, you will be able to chat with a community of Herpes. You can interact each other. They can answer to all your questions and share useful information.

Personal Blogs

Each member is able to create their own blog. Thanks to Hwerks, you can share your story to others by posting on your personal blog. People can visit your personal blog and share and comment.

Chat Room

It is a great room for all members of the site. This is where you can interact with other members of the site in real time.


There is nothing to worry when joining this site. As registered member, Hwerks is sworn to protect your privacy and personal identity. There will be no third-party involved in their site.


Hwerks makes a good choice for those who want to find same-experienced people with HSV and HPV. So if you happen to be diagnosed with these condition, and want to get back to the society, this is your chance.

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